santa sleigh

put an animated santa sleigh with a custom message on your website!


send animated, electronic greetings cards, FREE!

santa catch game

santa's workshop had an accident. help santa save the falling presents!

monster attack DHTML

monster attacks any web page you want, via the magic of DHTML

adoption centre

my first entry into the world of "cyberpet adoptions," a world which has existed for many years but is entirely new to me!

fortune cookie gizmo

a simple web app that lets you create images of custom fortune cookie fortunes.

strange facts about bunnies

things you might have not known about bunnies!


where bunnyhero writes about things he likes!


some early experiments in learning flash. most of this is fairly crude.

image-based tagboard

a "tag board" or "shout board" that uses an inline image instead of an iframe or other embedded object to display the messages. for use in livejournal posts, which do not allow for any embedded content besides images. (CURRENTLY OFFLINE)